Perform Achieve and Trade (PAT)

Last IREEED Review: August 15,2013
Program Overview
State: Central
Technology : General
Date of Issue : April 01.2012
Superseded : March 31,2015
Vision : To conserve energy at the industrial consumer level, as huge potential of energy conservation lies there, since the DCs are the most energy intensive plants of the country.
Nodal Agency : Bureau of energy efficiency
Perform, Achieve and Trade (PAT) is one of the initiatives under the National Mission for Enhanced Energy Efficiency (NMEEE). The flagship of the Mission is the Perform Achieve and Trade (PAT) mechanism which is a market-based mechanism to make improvements in energy efficiency in energy-intensive large industries and facilities more cost-effective by certification of energy savings that could be traded. The PAT mechanism is designed to facilitate the Designated Consumers to not only achieve their legal obligations under the Energy Conservation Act 2001 but also to provide them with necessary market based incentives to overachieve the targets set for them. The first cycle of PAT is from FY 2012 -13 to FY 2014-15 and it covers 478 Designated Consumers (DCs) from eight energy intensive sectors which are Aluminium, Cement, Chlor-alkali, Fertilizer, Iron and Steel, Pulp and Paper, Textile and Thermal Power Plant. The selection of the DCs are based on their minimum annual energy consumption. The target has been assigned to the DCs in terms of reduction in Specific Energy Consumption. The SEC of an industry is calculated based on Gate-to-Gate concept with the following formula: Specific energy consumption (SEC) = (Net energy input into the designated consumers’ boundary)/ (total quantity of output exported from the designated consumers’ boundary) The target SEC has to be achieved by the end of PAT cycle. The DCs can achieve it by implementing energy efficiency measures in their plant boundaries or through Energy Saving Certificates (Escerts) which they can purchase it from the DCs who have exceeded their target savings. One ESCerts is equal to a savings of One Metric Ton of Oil Equivalent (MTOE).
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