Solar Power Policy 2009

Last IREEED Review: 11 September 2013
Program Overview
State: Gujarat
Technology : Solar PV
Solar Thermal
Date of Issue : January 06,2009
Superseded : March 31,2014
Nodal Agency : Gujarat Energy Development Authority (GEDA)
The Gujarat Solar Power Policy came into force on 06 January 2009 and would be operational up to 31 March 2014. Solar Power Generators (SPGs) installed and commissioned during the operative period of 5 years is eligible for the incentives declared under this policy for a period of twenty years from the date of commissioning or for the life span of the SPGs, whichever is earlier. The maximum capacity for SPG would be 500 MW and 5MW for solar PV and Solar thermal under this policy. Wheeling charges for the electricity generated from the SPGs to the desired location for self use within the state would be at 2% of the energy fed to the grid, till the wheeling charge is determined by Gujarat Electricity Regulatory Commission (GERC). Electricity generated from SPGs and used for self consumption/sale to third party /sale to licensees shall be exempted from payment of electricity duty. Exemption from demand cut to the extent of 50% of the installed capacity of SPGs assigned for captive use purposes is also allowed. The power generated from SPG shall be sold to Distribution licensee at a levelized fixed tariff per Unit for 25 years under a Power Purchase Agreement (PPA). Open Access charges shall be applicable as per the GERC. The quantum of power injected into the grid from all renewable energy sources plus third party sale plus captive consumption should be restricted to 10% of the total consumption. Solar Power Project Developer will pass on 50% of the gross benefits of CDM to the Distribution licensee with whom PPA is signed. Distribution licensee failing to meet the minimum Solar Power purchase /wheel for captive consumption or third party sale obligation specified by the Commission is liable to pay penalty at a rate of Rs 12/Kwh to Gujarat Energy Development Agency (GEDA).
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